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March 30, 2020


Hello, Friends of the Olean Center!


The Olean Center will continue with its suspension of direct services for Children and Adults
through Friday, April 10.  Although we cannot predict when direct services will resume,
we continue to monitor conditions, trends, State directives, and ongoing communications
with our provider network.  Our leadership team is working remotely to stay in touch
with participants and these remote supports will continue.

A reminder to our staff:  Coastline EAP is a free service to all Frank Olean and CVS employees
and their family members to assist in dealing with this health crisis.
The website is and phone number is 401-732-8680.  


Please contact us if you have questions.  We hope you are safe and we look forward to seeing
everyone as soon as possible.

Looking for ways to learn and be entertained while you are at home?  We are
adding new links every day on our Resources page.  Check it out!  Hope you'll come
back soon to see new postings here--and on our Facebook and Instagram feeds!


REMEMBER, Friends:


If you have any questions or need assistance/services, our number is 401-596-2091.
Also, here is contact information for the following: 
the Executive Director:
Director of Finance:;
Accounting Supervisor:;
Director of Human Resources:;
Director of Children's Services:
Day Service Coordinator:
401-487-0009 or at;
Residential Coordinator: 401-207-3142 or at,
and Nurse:


Take good care, everyone!!  Thank you.

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