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August 19, 2020


Update from the Olean Center....  We will continue to provide Individualized Supports in the form of home, community, and remote services until we able to open our day site. We will also continue communications with everyone we serve to assess needs and offer alternate supports where needed.

EMPLOYEES, please log in to the Employment Section for the most up-to-date Corona Virus information, policies and protocols. 

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Who We Are

We believe that all people

can achieve regardless of

a disability. Learn more about The Olean Center's history, leadership and guiding principles.


The Olean Center provides community, residential, and vocational services to individuals of all ages with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Life With Olean

Learn about upcoming events and see how our programs impact intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals and their families through mentorship, customized supports and employment opportunities.

Our Mission

To provide support and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to achieve their desired level of integration, independence, and productivity.


I Am Happy To Be Me


"My daughter has been at the Frank Olean Center since she was 21 years old. She is now 46 years old and still benefitting from activities at and through the Center. For a few years one of the staff held a poetry writing class...Robyn loved it. One year she won a poetry competition with a beautiful poem which ended with the words "I am happy to be me!" Her words were sincere and I wept. For all her problems, with a job obtained through the efforts of Olean, her service on the Board of Directors at the Center, with the activities with an improv company from Providence and participation in a play, and innumerable other opportunities made available to her by the Olean Center, Robyn is happy. We are so blessed to have The Frank Olean Center in our community and in our lives!"

Sheri, Olean Center Parent

“The Olean Center and the PASS program have been a welcomed addition to our home. My daughter Laura has made tremendous progress thanks to the help of her PASS worker. I am excited to see her use the skills she has learned as she continues to become more independent.”

--Lisa, Mother of Laura




“We feel fortunate to have dedicated and knowledgeable direct support staff working with our son.  When they are out in the community learning new skills we feel secure knowing he has someone with him that we all trust. That can never be understated as a parent of a child with special needs."


--Olean Center Parent

A New, Good Morning!

“I spoke to a mother yesterday whose 7-year-old daughter recently began PASS Services, and has started to build a positive relationship with her worker.  Just within the last month or so her daughter has shown progress, and now will occasionally say ‘Good Morning’ to her Mom and Dad. This is something the daughter hasn’t done in the past. Although this child may not say “Good Morning” every day to her parents, it’s a small step to bigger gains.”

– Shannon Kilty, PASS Coordinator (Personal Assistance Services and Supports) Olean Center Children’s Services.

“My son started services with the Olean Center when he was 3 years old and 13 years later the Olean Center continues to be an amazing resource to Gaby and to my family. Gaby would never be where he is today without the help of all the caring and dedicated individuals who have provided support for us. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for our family.”

Gladys, Gaby's Mother

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Everyone at the Olean Center can maximize their potential through our nurturing environment that promotes independence and inclusion.

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