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  • Remote job training and interview training

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  • Music therapy for children

  • Remote exercise classes

  • Transportation to Provide Services

  • Operational expenses such as utility bills and building maintenance

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MULTI-sensorY GarDen!


An update!  The Ocean House Fund for Charitable Giving just awarded the Olean Center a $1,000 grant to help us bring our dream of a multi-sensory garden to fruition!  We are so grateful for their support!!


Children's Services Director Jason Lanzillo is hard at work planning out each season of our sensory garden.  And we'll be sharing new pictures as our vision blossoms.  In the warmer weather we can enjoy touching, seeing, smelling, and hearing in a special place.  A fairy garden...wind chimes...artwork...  And admiring beautiful flowers in the fresh air. In the colder months we will be exploring growing succulents and other activities  with our participants. 

Stay tuned!


Did you know gardening is a great activity for folks with developmental and intellectual disabilities? Besides the benefits of fresh air and exercise, smelling plants like lavender can reduce anxiety and stress, and touching different textures is fun! Raised beds bring the flowers closer. And, planting brings satisfaction and confidence. You can learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy and horticulture (and lots of other cool things) by visiting our Resources page.  Just click the Resources button below. 

Want to learn more about programs at the Olean Center? Check out "Live with Olean" every Thursday on our Facebook page with Kim Mastrofino.  Here's July 2nd's interview with Meghan Fabinski and Fatima Martins Abbott, LICSW, Clinicial Supervisor from Children's Services!

Thanks to generous grants from Dime Bank Foundation and the Nick Vuono Charity Fund, the Olean Center will continue providing music therapy in collaboration with Hands in Harmony for local participants in our Children's Service Program!  Because of Covid-19 the therapy is right now virtual--giving children the opportunity to benefit from the safety of their homes.  


Fatima Abbott, Clinical Supervisor, LICSW, who has worked with children for over 25 years found therapy extraordinarily helpful for children. She describes the benefits like this:

       "Through the years I have seen how music has helped children in a variety of capacities. For example,
        through the use of repetitive sounds in songs, I have seen children more engaged and working 
        harder on their communication objectives.  With children who struggle with memory, I have seen how
        putting academic information into a song format 
has helped them recall the information. I have seen
        gains in children's fine motor skills with the use of adaptive percussive instruments such as maracas.


        Music therapy groups also help children. I have used songs to help children identify feelings and how   
        to cope with feelings of frustration and anger.  I have also incorporated music in "safe/calm down zone"

        as part of self-regulation strategies. I have used musical activities to assist children with social skills
       building such as practicing greeting, tum taking, eye contact, and working cooperatively with others. 


       "There is no doubt that music affects our mood, and I love using it to get the outcomes I am looking
        for in the children we service.  Also, what is truly amazing about music therapy is that it is fun for
        children. Therefore, they are working on the goals and objectives without realizing they are working on            them. 
With this kind of buy-in from children, success is inevitable."

Wooden Drum

Even the Coronavirus can't take away our smiles.  We followed the Governor's directives and closed the Center in late March for everyone's safety, but we have been staying in touch with participants and families and ensuring they have what they need.  Many participants and their families have welcomed home visits, some have been communicating through Telehealth, and some are getting together to take a hike, getting take-out and having a picnic in the park...we are all getting so creative!  And, some Napatree participants deemed "essential workers" have been on the job--supported by our staff to ensure they are safe and doing well.  Check out these recent pictures! We'll be adding more soon!

Sharon's beautiful smile
Sharon's beautiful smile

meeting with staff at home.

Jesse creating
Jesse creating

and selling beautiful potholders!

Ed on his bike
Ed on his bike

getting great exercise!

Sharon's beautiful smile
Sharon's beautiful smile

meeting with staff at home.


Thank you so much to the following recent champions of our work: 

Andrade-Faxon Charities for Children
Azzinaro Architects Associates, Inc.

Big Y's Mystic CT Store
Dick's World of Wines

Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association

First Financial Advisory Services, Inc.

The John E. Fogarty Foundation

Geraldine B. Cunningham Associates, LLC

Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island
Hoyt, Filipetti and Malaghan, LLC

Jeffrey Kasle, Attorney at Law

McQuades Marketplace- Westerly

Newport Fed Charitable Foundation
Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce
Ocean Community Chamber Foundation

Ocean House Fund for Charitable Giving
Rhode Island Foundation Covid Behavioral Health Fund

Rhode Island Foundation - Non-Profit Support Fund

Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation

State of RI Legislature - Sponsored by RI Senator Dennis Algiere
Stop and Shop

Thorp and Trainer Insurance

The Wine Store

Walmart Foundation Community Giving - Westerly Store
Westerly Lion's Club

Westerly Meeting of Friends

Westerly Rotary Club

Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving

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