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Meet Mae McGlone, a data-driven ‘nerd’ with a passion for helping children and families

Mae McGlone is happy to describe herself as a nerd with passion. 

Nerd because she’s a data-driven, results-oriented Board Certified Behavioral Analyst with more than 10 years of experience in the Applied Behavioral Analyst field. 

Passionate because she loves to see the difference she can make in the lives of children who have started life with more than a few challenges. 

Mae, short for Meaghan, comes to the Olean Center with an impressive background of credentials and experience gained over 13 years of helping families around the country navigate not just intellectual and developmental disabilities but other serious challenges as well. 

Mae spent five years in a master’s program at the New England Center for Children in Boston and worked for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, which has offices worldwide. While there, she earned licenses in several states and served as a specialist in difficult cases.

Essentially, she was “plugged in” wherever needed whether it was in Philadelphia or Boston or Los Angeles or Portland, Oregon.  

“I became a specialist in difficult cases – families with lots of trauma – so I just made myself available. I can deal with bad divorces and abuse cases. I’m highly trained in Autism and trauma, mostly in early intervention,” she explained. 

Other areas of Mae’s expertise include speech acquisition and functional replacement behaviors.  

“I look at the environmental variables to change behaviors. Rather than trying to change the thought process of kids, I use data-driven decisions in developing treatment plans. It sounds dry, but I love it because I love the positive changes it can make.” 

Mae was hired in November as a Clinical Supervisor in the Personal Assistance Support Services and Home-Based Therapeutic Services programs to support long-time Clinical Supervisor, Claire Letizio, and to build participation in those programs.  

“We’re working to expand children’s services, and to see more kids in the programs is exciting,” she said. 

Most recently Mae was the Director of Outpatient Services at a facility in Cranston, but she has been living in Westerly for about three years and having fallen in love with the area she now wants to stay here. And she decided it was time to make a difference in her own community. 

“Working with this good-natured team has been a great experience. They are so collaborative and focused on making meaningful and realistic differences. We all get along really well. It’s nice to see a difference in my own community. I went micro and I’m loving it!” 

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