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Enhance Self-esteem,

Foster Self-determination, and Build Friendships.

Mentor Program

“The Mentor Program Rocks!”  

~ Emily P.

“We have been part of the Mentor Program for six months and we love the program. Anyone that is thinking of joining-  you should.  It is wonderful!”  ~ Laura C.

“Mentoring for the Olean Center is easy. They offer flexibility, especially with our schedules, and they always go out of their way to help us. Our monthly mentor meetings also provide great information and resources that are beneficial for the program. The Frank Olean Center is the BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN with all they do to support individuals with disabilities. It is rewarding to grip hands with the Frank Olean Center and come together to assist individuals to reach the stars!”    ~Lucille S.

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“We do a lot of things together and we have a lot of fun.  I enjoy my mentor!”  ~ Kevin L.

 “I am happy to be in the Mentor Program.  My mentor is beautiful.  She is a true friend and she makes me happy!”  ~ Teresa P.

“The Mentor Program is fun.  It has given me more opportunities and a chance to make true friendships!”  

~ Samantha M.

“I look forward to every week with my mentor.  We are a good team!!  She makes me feel good about myself.”  

~ Marvin B.

“The Mentor Program has been a good experience.  I think others should be involved as I think they would enjoy it as much I do!”  ~ Denise V.


What is YOUR super power?

What gifts can you share?

Can you lend an hour a week for a year and mentor a disabled adult?  We are looking for kind, patient mentors for our adult partipicants.  Share your time with someone special, and build a relationship! You’ll help participants build self-esteem and social skills as you participate in community activities.  

Can you volunteer?

Do you need involvement?

The Olean Center's Mentor Program is designed to build a bright future for individuals with disabilities by helping them achieve success through the contribution of caring adults. The program is designed to match volunteer mentors with compatible participants to increase positive outcomes related to training, education and employment while encouraging community involvement. This process will also encourage the individuals to develop independence and improve self-esteem. As a mentor, you will provide an encouraging and consistent relationship that assists participants in reaching their highest potential.

Research shows that mentoring programs like this one can change the course of a person's life while enhancing self-esteem, fostering self-determination, and building friendships that bring new ideas and perspectives to light. This positive effects not only benefit the mentee and the mentor, but families and community members as well. Families and caregivers recognize the the effectiveness of the mentor program through remarkable accomplishments and positive results.

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