With folks staying safely at home these days because of the Coronavirus, it's a great time to learn something new; check out links to virtual tours; cool hacks; arts and crafts ideas for children and adults. Come back soon to see new links!!!  Stay safe!!!  And enjoy.  Just click on the links to explore so much from the safety of your home!





The Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam!


The Houston Zoo Giraffe Feeding Platform

The San Diego Zoo!

The Louvre in Paris, France...

30 Virtual Field Trips for Kids at
The Educators Spin on It:


20 Vegetables You Can Grow from Scraps at
Gardening Soul:



Looking for information?  Check out the websites below for information about intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Whether you are interested in services for yourself, someone in your family, a student, a patient or are seeking answers and direction: welcome to the Olean Center’s Resource page.  The websites listed below may be just a good place to start learning what you might need and want to know. We hope they provide education and inspiration.  

Some links have been recommended by school psychologists, by parents with a child on the autism spectrum, and by others.

By no means do we have all the answers here, but, The Center will continue to grow this page--based on information we gather and the feedback we receive.


Please let us know if there is something else which would be helpful to you!

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

offers everything from webinars and journals, to information on news and policy related to individuals with intellectual disabilities.



headquartered in Washington, D.C., works to protect and promote the dignity and inclusion of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and offers a variety of resources on their website.


Autism Speaks

is an autism advocacy organization in the United States that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities. A bevy of resources and research are available and searchable by topic, the age of the person with ASD, by your relationship to that person, and more.


The Autism Project

 is another very good resource, particularly if you live in Rhode Island.


Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island 

is a parent advocacy organization offering information (including through a lending library and newsletter), which works to promote the dignity and potential of those with Down Syndrome.


Dr. Barry Prizant, Ph.D. 

is a well-regarded voice on autism and the author of the book, Uniquely Human.

Amy Laurent’s Website 

is also excellent, providing practical information for children and adults with autism and for those who support them.


Rhode Island Family Guide

Resources Ranging from Support Group Info, State and Local Info, and more


Social Thinking

focuses on strategies for developing social competencies which are geared towards those on the Spectrum who have average cognitive abilities.


Florida State University

This website on the “First Words Project”and the Autism Institute directed by Dr. Amy Wetherby related to research on early identification.


First Signs 

Nancy Wiseman’s organization focuses on issues of early identification and family support, as well as education of professionals about ASD.

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