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Children explore their senses in Olean Sensory Garden

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Adding painted rocks provided even more pop to this colorful wonderland

Frank Olean Children’s Department participants had a blast adding their own personal touches to our spectacular sensory garden.

Art Therapist Phebe Campsey planned an amazing event that incorporated each of the five senses.

Participants started off by taking a tour of the garden using all five senses; we listened to the wind and the bugs buzzing, we touched the lamb's ear plant, smelled the lavender and mint, and saw all the colorful plants and painted rocks.

Participants then worked together to spell their names in stamps and then stamp their names into a mosaic cement stone. As a team, the group chose two of the five senses to inspire a mosaic. Some friends worked on a mosaic for hearing the waves and seeing the butterfly. Everyone got to leave a little masterpiece of their own in the garden by painting a personalized rock to add a pop of color to our garden beds.

We ended the event by using our sense of taste and decorating cookies and eating our creations! Our team and all the participants had a great time getting together, being creative, and enjoying the summer sun.

Thank you to Verizon Wireless Zone of Westerly for continuing to fund our Children’s Art Program, which made this wonderful event possible!

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