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CPR training is a must for our staff

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Olean Center provides all the training necessary for new employees

Mary Scialabba, a new Direct Support Professional, receives training in the proper CPR technique from certified CPR instructor Jon Miller

Those interested in pursuing the rewarding work of the Frank Olean Center do not need to be CPR certified to apply, as the Center provides training from First Aid and CPR to digital literacy and more.

“We make sure every employee has all the skills and tools they need to work with individuals with -developmental disabilities,” said Executive Director Ruth Tureckova. “We have positions open for day, evening, and weekend shifts.”

Recently, Mary Scialabba, a new member of the Direct Support Professionals staff, received training in CPR from Jon Miller, a certified paramedic and CPR instructor.

Jon frequently leads CPR classes for Olean Center employees to earn the First Aid training they need to work with our participants. State regulations require that Olean Center staff members receive hands-on training every other year and a review of techniques yearly.

Miller is a co-owner of Windward Consulting, which provides training to healthcare providers, the public, EMS organizations, fire departments, public safety departments and police departments. Miller and his partner, Wrigley Bynum, are career paramedics who have worked in 911 and private settings for a combined 20 years.

Interested in the work we do? Contact Tina Cherenzia, HR Director, or call her at 401-596-2091 ext. 104

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