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She saw the Center’s mission from behind the scenes

Michele Walsh spent 6 years keeping finances in order

As the Director of Finance for the Olean Center, Michele Walsh hasn’t had much direct contact with the Center’s participants, but from her vantage point behind the scenes, she’s come to appreciate all that the Center staff does and all that the participants achieve.

“I really learned to appreciate the developmentally disabled community. I learned to see the participants’ abilities rather than their disabilities,” Michele said. “Being at the Olean Center has changed my whole perception of the developmentally disabled world.”

Michele will be leaving her position at the end of the month. She started working at the Center in 2016 as the Accounting Manager and was promoted to Director of Finance in 2020.

During that time, she also saw what it takes for a non-profit to accomplish its mission.

“I saw the challenges they face and how they struggle and what they need to do to keep the doors open,” Michele said. “You have to stretch every dollar. But even with those challenges, the staff does whatever is needed to provide care. They are their world.”

“It has been very fulfilling and rewarding working with the Center and the participants. Even though I only had casual contact with them, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the participants, and I’m going to miss them and the staff.”

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